The Argo Floats Deployment Hall of Fame

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A record of the Odyssey boats which have deployed Argo floats .

Blue Planet Odyssey Southern Route & Pacific Odyssey

Between the Galapagos Islands and Marquesas:

Boat Argo # Position Date (2015) Adopted by
Om 8334 06°S 100°W 16 March Wildcat Mountain School, 3rd grade class 
Om 8335 6°S 103°W 18 March Galapagos National Park  
Om 8336 5.8°S 106°W 20 March Adventure for Good outdoor and environmental education business, New Zealand  
Om 8337 6°S 109°W 21 March Springbank School Year 6, Northland, New Zealand 
Libby 8338 6.8°S 112.0 22 March Captain T and Skipper D 
Libby 8339 7.1°S 115°W 24 March All our children (Emaan, Emran, Jenna, Zach, Grant, Jessica) 
Libby 8340 08° 02S 118° 01W 25 March (it appears this float unfortunately did not  activate) 
Libby 8341 6.7°S 121°W 26 March All our parents (Bick, Camille, Dean, Mary Jane) 

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