Odyssey Ambassadors

Our education program will center on the stories told by our Odyssey Ambassadors, those participants in our events who have chosen to go the extra mile in spreading the message The Ocean – Our Future

Who are our Ambassadors?

Sailing a boat around the world is a job in itself, but when we asked which of our Blue Planet Odyssey participants would like to contribute to the education program, the response was overwhelming.

From the southern route of the Blue Planet Odyssey, making their way into the Pacific:

Tim and Zeke on No Regrets   Janet on Chapter Two   Meredith and Justin on Coconut Woman   Rob and Carol, on Maggie
Jeff and Anne on Joyful            

Our Pacific Odyssey Ambassador:

Lucy on Lovesail            

From the northern route of the Blue Planet Odyssey:

Nera (15) on Aventura – sailed to Greenland and the Canadian Arctic in the summer of 2014 in an attempt to transit the Northwest Passage. Read Nera’s contributions to Our Ocean Blog.   Zetty and Zoe (8) on Arctic Monkey, who’ll be attempting the Northwest Passage in 2015        

An Ambassador’s role includes

  • Setting up links with schools and teachers in their home towns
  • Giving presentations about the Blue Planet Odyssey
  • Helping prepare resources on the key places and issues
  • Sending back regular contributions to the Our Ocean Blog
  • Creating links with local schools in the places visited
  • Giving presentations in their home schools

But above all… it is their personal stories and experiences which will bring the education program alive, as they sail around the world, and meet people on the front line of climate change.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

If you are sailing in one of our other events, please do get in touch, as we would love to hear from you.

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