• First Pacific Ocean drifter buoy deployments for Blue Planet Odyssey

  • Libby’s Tour of Scripps Argo Float Lab

  • Sir David Attenborough – Plastic Oceans

    Sir David Attenborough talks about plastic and tells us the hard truths about its use and the cost to the environment.

  • Emily Penn Interview About Microplastics

  • Ocean Drifters: a secret world beneath the waves

    From Plymouth University. Film narrated by David Attenborough.

  • Atlantic Odyssey drifter buoy deployment 2014

    Yachts Alytes, Mandarina and Om all deployed scientific drifter buoys crossing the Atlantic. (Atlantic Odyssey 2014, Lanzarote-Martinique)


  • FLEUR DE SEL deploy a NOAA drifter buoy

    A video from S/V FLEUR DE SEL (Atlantic Odyssey 2013, Lanzarote-Martinique)

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