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From the first book I wrote, my aim was to write the kind of book I wished had been available when we left on our first voyage.
Jimmy Cornell


Third edition of Cornells’ Ocean Atlas!

A thoroughly revised and expanded third edition of Cornells’ Ocean Atlas by Jimmy and Ivan Cornell.

A must-have book onboard if you plan to sail any ocean.

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In the 12 years since the first edition of this atlas was published there has been a marked intensification of the effects of global warming on world weather conditions.

To present an accurate picture of the actual weather conditions that prevail in the world’s oceans, the pilot charts featured in this atlas are based on the data collected by a network of meteorological satellites, augmented by observations obtained from meteorological buoys and other sources, during the last twenty-five years.

In this third edition the main focus is on all changes that may affect offshore voyages.  One of the most noticeable phenomenon is the decrease in the regularity and reliability of trade winds, as witnessed by sailors on some of the frequently travelled ocean routes. However, the most significant and visible change has been the increased intensity and extent of tropical cyclones, both in the duration of the critical seasons and the areas affected. As this phenomenon has such a major impact on voyage planning, and safety generally, in this new edition the areas affected by tropical storms in every ocean are highlighted on the relevant monthly charts. The extent of those areas is based on the recorded tracks of such storms in recent years.

The safety factor in voyage planning is now even more important than in the past and this fully updated edition of Cornells’ Ocean Atlas will make it possible to plan a safe voyage even in these changing times. For those who intend to leave on a voyage in the near future, it will provide a valuable tool in planning, preparing, and bringing a journey to a safe conclusion.

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