Sail The Odyssey Environmental Program

Science, Education and Community: at the heart of the Odyssey

At the heart of the Odyssey events lies the idea that sailors can take an active role in three inter-linked programs: education, science and community.

Scientific program

The idea of using sailors to help gather scientific data is one that participants have responded to with great enthusiasm. As the Odysseys will pass through some of the least travelled parts of the oceans, arrangements have been made with oceanographic institutes and research centres to use this unique opportunity to receive environmental data gathered by participants.

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Educational program

The Sail the Odyssey educational program aims to bring schools together across the world and educate children and young people in the most urgent issues facing the oceans and our climate, by the simple means of telling the real stories of those people most affected by these issues: sailors, families, islanders and local communities.

Anyone interested in education and the Ocean can sign up to our education program and to follow our events.

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Community program

Conceived with the Blue Planet Odyssey in mind, the Community program’s aim is to carry out local projects at some of the stops along the route. Participants with specialist skills will be asked to take part in local projects and carry out essential repair and maintenance work.

We are working with local organisations to find out what is most needed in their community, and how the skills and experience of the sailors taking part can be best used to make a difference.

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