World Voyage Planner

World Voyage Planner, by Jimmy Cornell

World Voyage Planner
Planning a voyage
from anywhere in the world
to anywhere in the world
by Jimmy Cornell


In North America
 ISBN 978-0-9572626-0-7
From Paradise Cay website

In the UK & elsewhere 
ISBN 978-1408140291 

français French edition
Voyages de grande croisière

deutsch German edition
Törnplanung Weltweit

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Bloomsbury Publishing



Publisher: Adlard Coles (UK),
Cornell Sailing Ltd (USA)
Date: 2012


The book is distributed by:
 Adlard Coles Nautical, in the UK
Paradise Cay, in North America


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Book description

The main aim of World Voyage Planner is to help sailors plan a voyage from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, with suggestions of alternative routes to certain destinations, recommended times and favourable seasons, tropical storm areas and critical months, suggested detours to attractive places, and strategically located ports of call to be used in an emergency.

World Voyage Planner fills a glaring absence among nautical books by being the only book to be written specifically on the subject of offshore voyage planning. It is thus a valuable and indispensable companion to Jimmy Cornell’s other books as it enables the reader to plan, undertake and accomplish a voyage from the earliest stage of conception to its successful completion.

His books now cover the entire spectrum of offshore voyaging with World Cruising Routes outlining over one thousand routes between specific destinations from start to landfall, World Cruising Destinations, giving detailed information on 184 maritime nations and Cornell’s Ocean Atlas presenting a comprehensive picture of weather conditions in every ocean of the world.

Every voyage is illustrated by pilot charts showing the weather conditions for the recommended months, such as average direction and strength of winds and currents. These up-to-date charts are based on observations made by meteorological satellites in the last twenty years and present an accurate picture of the current weather conditions in any of the world’s oceans. A description of the various alternatives for the continuation of the voyage concludes each section.

In recent years cruising yachts have reached some of the most remote parts of the world from Greenland to the Amazon, and even such challenging destinations as Antarctica and the Northwest Passage are no longer the preserve of tough explorers. While the main focus of this book is voyages along the most popular cruising routes, there are also suggested voyages to less frequented destinations, from Spitsbergen and Alaska to Southern Chile and Antarctica, but also on some of the navigable rivers and inland waterways of Europe, North America and West Africa.

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P 59: Voyages to the Caribbean & Panama   P 169 – Voyages to Tahiti   P 314 – Round the world voyages


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Book details

World Voyage Planner: Planning a voyage from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world

  • Author: Jimmy Cornell
  • Published August 2012
  • Format: 352 pages, 9.5″ × 7.5″ (236mm × 187mm)
  • Flexicover
  • Language: English
  • US edition: Publisher: Cornell Sailing ISBN: 978-0-9572626-0-7
  • UK Edition: Publisher: Adlard Coles Nautical ISBN: 978-1408140291

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