World Cruising Routes (7th ed.)

World Cruising Routes - 7th edition, by Jimmy Cornell

World Cruising Routes
7th revised edition
1,000 Routes from the South Seas
to the Arctic
by Jimmy Cornell


In North America
From Paradise Cay

In the UK & elsewhere
Note: In the UK,
World Cruising Routes is out of print
and will be available in June 2018.

deutsch German edition
Segelrouten der Welt
From Delius Klasing

français French edition
Routes de grande croisière
From Voiles et Voiliers,
Librairie Maritime Outremer,

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Publisher: Adlard Coles (UK),
Cornell Sailing Ltd (USA)
Date: 2014
– US ed: 978-0-9572626-4-5
– UK ed: 9781408158883
– German ed: 978-3-667-10006-1
– French ed: 979-1027100293


Corrections to
7th UK edition (PDF, 28 Feb 2015)

In the UK, World Cruising Routes 7th ed. is out of print and will be available in June 2018.

Book description

World Cruising Routes is a comprehensive guide to nearly 1000 sailing routes covering all the oceans of the world, from the tropical South Seas to the high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The book is geared specifically to the needs of cruising sailors and contains essential information on winds, currents, regional and seasonal weather as well as valuable suggestions concerning optimum times for individual routes.

Since its publication in 1987, World Cruising Routes has sold 200,000 copies in its English, German, French, Italian and Spanish editions making it one of the best-selling nautical publications in the world.

World Cruising Routes, and its companion volumes World Cruising Destinations, World Voyage Planner and Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, are to be found on board every long distance cruising yacht, and provide ocean navigators all the information they need, from the planning stages of a voyage to its successful completion.

Since 1987, offshore navigation has undergone a number of major changes, and this new edition has been thoroughly revised to meet the requirements and expectations of the current generation of offshore sailors.

Some of the most important changes have been dictated by the effects of climate change on global weather and the availability of the data gathered over the last two decades by meteorological satellites. This data resulted in the publication of Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, which was produced jointly with Ivan Cornell, and contains monthly pilot charts for all oceans of the world. Examination of this data highlighted some essential changes that have occurred in the global weather systems over the years.

The revisions in the seventh edition were dictated primarily by the information contained in the latest pilot charts, which required a rethinking of some old established route planning tactics, many of which are no longer valid.

Another important change made in this edition is the addition of detailed waypoints on some well-travelled routes, as well as the inclusion of alternative routes leading to popular cruising destinations. Compared to previous editions, where the waypoints were listed mainly for planning purposes, in this new edition every waypoint along each route is listed, enabling the navigator to plot a course for any passage from start to finish.

One new feature added to this edition is that of windgrams depicting a summary of wind conditions for the month when passages are undertaken along some of the most commonly sailed routes. The windgrams are a synthesis of individual windroses as shown in the pilot chart published in Cornell’s Ocean Atlas.

In direct response to current navigational methods, most routes, and especially those leading to popular cruising destinations, have been redesigned to provide essential passage planning details. Also, new routes have been added to areas rarely explored until recently by cruising yachts, from Greenland and Micronesia to China and the Northwest Passage.

Reviews & Feedback on World Cruising Routes

Sailing Today
“By the time a book reaches it’s sixth edition you can be pretty sure it’s worth buying.”

Mike Harker, circumnavigator on ‘Wanderlust’
World Cruising Routes has been my principle source for planning my circumnavigation and weather routing. It simply told me when I can safely be in any ocean of the world and for how long.”

Chris Perkins
“You have written a book that more men have dreamed over than a Playboy magazine!”

Yachting Monthly
“A must for every circumnavigator, and fascinating armchair reading for the rest of us.”

“Ferdinand Magellan would have loved this book.”

Cruising World
World Cruising Routes … might just be the most important book for long-distance voyagers to come along in decades.”

Practical Boat Owner
“No one should think of setting off around the world without first consulting Jimmy Cornell’s works.”

Yachting World
“… remarkably detailed in its research … there is no doubting its value.”

“The serious cruiser’s bible … don’t leave port without it”

48 Degrees North
“The finest route planning guide currently available … an indispensable cruise planner’s source book. “

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