Report from the International Multihull Exhibition at La Grande Motte

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Jimmy Cornell with Peter Gilkes and Kelly Glass.

Jimmy Cornell with Peter Gilkes and Kelly Glass.

 The main attraction of our stand at this international boat show has been the Barbados 50 transatlantic event.  The crews of several boats that had already joined came to see us to discuss the forthcoming event and especially the program on arrival in Barbados.  Conveniently on hand to answer their questions was Peter Gilkes, the coordinator of the event in Barbados. Peter was accompanied by Kelly Glass, the owner of Clarkes Court marina and boatyard in Grenada as well as the Blue Lagoon marina in St Vincent.

The hallmark of all our events is the family atmosphere and camaraderie among participants. This was shown by the large number of families who dropped by to say hello, several accompanied by their children.

 Visitors 1

 Visitors 2

A Caribbean atmosphere prevailed on Saturday evening on the stand and boats of the famous Outremer catamaran builder …

A touch of the Caribbean on the Outremer 5X

A touch of the Caribbean on the Outremer 5X


Martinique welcome for boat show visitors


Irresistible Martinique appeal on the Outremer stand

 The large port of La Grande Motte provides a unique setting for this annual boat show. The brainchild of French architect Jean Balladur, the buildings of this attractive seaside resort were inspired by the pre-Colombian Aztec pyramids. The project was launched in the early 1970s and this stunning complex is a lasting monument to its visionary architect but also to the wisdom and courage of the local authorities in supporting such a daring project.

International Multihull boat show

International Multihull boat show

 LGM marina 2

The distinctive architecture

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