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Sailors share their experiences of what it is like to Sail the Odyssey: from boat preparations to life at sea, from parties ashore to welcome landfalls.

Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 18

In Martinique

DOUDOU, the first French boat, arrived Monday night and anchored off Sainte-Anne.

SATTWA ETA is 1800UTC Tuesday


THEMI arrival in Martinique

We crossed the finish line at 0012 UTC 25th …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 16


ROXY arrived at 1410 Saturday.THEMI 50 will arrive Sunday morning.

ROXY arrival in Le Marin, Martinique

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Due to engine failure, …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 15


LAHAINA has arrived in Martinique! ROXY is expected on Saturday.

LAHAINA in Martinique

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Food & Fishing

Trying to …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 14


The Atlantic Crossing According to Sam

Rosie’s scarf

A flying fish had a boxing fight with Adam last night, it nearly slapped itself into Adams’s face when it flew into the cockpit. …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 13

THEMI 50 Yesterday the tradewinds vanished more or less, our speed was down to 3.5 to 4 knts during the day, overnight the wind increased a little and speeds us up to 5 knts. Some …

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Blue Planet Odyssey on the move

The Blue Planet Odyssey and Pacific Odyssey boats are on the move again. The tracking map might look complicated, but it means all our boats are slowly converging… …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 12


Atlantic Sailing for Novices, by Oscar

Oscar pressing both buttons

I have never heard of anyone sailing across the Atlantic but this may be due to the fact that the closest thing …

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Blue Planet Odyssey Update: So where are they?

As the southern part of the Blue Planet Odyssey gets well and truly underway, we will be bringing you regular updates from the boats – extracts from their blogs, photos, and any other news we …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 11

THEMI 50 Wind is still decreasing, weather gray and rainy. Wind less the 15 knt easterly some boosts from time to time bring us forward a little bit. On board all well.

Der Atlantik …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: An Alternative View of Life at Sea

Pete has been getting a bit whimsical on his blog posts so thought I would share some of the reality of living at sea in the middle of the Atlantic:

Food. My life preoccupation. …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 10

CALYPSO 1 Calypso 1 have an electrical failure and have had to shut down all systems. They are all currently okay!

THEMI 50 Light easterly winds 15 knt. Heading still SE due to wind conditions …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 9

THEMI 50 Had various winds during the night with forces between 15 and 40 Knt. Influenced by clouds and rain but made still good progress. Everything is fine on board.

Gestern haben wir …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Penny Lane Day 7

The mystery of our wacky GPS positions has been solved, with help from Pascal and the Cornell Sailing crew.

What was happening was that our Iridium GO sat phone, fixed to the wall next …

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The Blue Planet Odyssey fleet talks fishing with 2 special Martinique fishermen

After a busy day spent preparing for Sunday’s departure for the San Blas islands, the Blue Planet Odyssey fleet kicked back and took advantage of a special opportunity to share fishing techniques.

The Blue …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 8

FINALLY MY DARLING By now it’s obvious Finally My Darling is sadly out of the rally. In fact, we’ve tracked backwards! As previously reported, the head was torn out of our original Lagoon mainsail when …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 7

THEMI 50 Everything is ok on board, we did a little more south yesterday now again on westerly course.

Ein ruhiger Tag an Bord, eine sehr schöne Dorade ist uns leider im letzten Augenblick …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Penny Lane in the Atlantic (Day 6)

It is now day 6 of Penny Lane’s Atlantic crossing, and we’re only just now beginning to turn her head to the west and the Caribbean. In the early days we were heading south …

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Blue Planet Odyssey At Sea: A Good Run Key West to Montego Bay

The first Blue Planet Odyssey yachts arrive in Montego Bay, Jamaica today, after a relatively fast passage from Key West on 10th January.

Chapter Two

CHAPTER TWO leaving Key West

14th January Passing …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 5 & 6

THEMI 50 Heute zeigt sich der Atlantik bewölkt, grau in grau und manchmal mit etwas Regen. Ein ruhiger Tag, morgen gibt es ja wahrscheinlich – wenn wir wie bisher weiterkommen – das Bergfest, die halbe …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 3

THEMI 50 No good news from Themi today, the parasailor hailyard is broken. Took us 1 hour to bring it out of the sea back on deck. We will continue with only white sails. Most …

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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Premières nouvelles

9 January 2015


Ca y est, nous y sommes, et très étonnamment, nous n’étions pas stressés pour partir.

Après un départ très cool, sous-toilé pour parer aux accélérations de vent sur la côte …

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Atlantic Odyssey Day 24: 5 more arrivals

Martinique arrivals

5 boats arrived today: • STARSHIP ANNIE (during the night)


Jimmy Cornell with the crew of Seven Seas Adventure

We made it to Martinique Yes…this morning …

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Atlantic Odyssey Day 23: Our four-legged friends discover Martinique

Martinique arrivals

Among the six boats which arrived today, several count a dog as part of their crew.

The first to reach the marina was Nyctea, in the middle of the night, and we met …

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Atlantic Odyssey Day 22: More Arrivals, News from the Fleet

Martinique arrivals Dehooké

Dehooké, the French Beneteau First 40 owned by Frédérik Giraud and Alice de Montoussé, was the first to enter the Cul de Sac du Marin at dawn, and docked quietly on pontoon …

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Day 21 of the Atlantic Odyssey


Antonio: What a night!

The spinnaker down in the afternoon yesterday with the main and code 0, reaching. Good. Then main and jib, 60 degrees apparent wind from South. and then a lot …

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