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The Blue Planet Odyssey fleet talks fishing with 2 special Martinique fishermen

After a busy day spent preparing for Sunday’s departure for the San Blas islands, the Blue Planet Odyssey fleet kicked back and took advantage of a special opportunity to share fishing techniques.

The Blue Planet Fishermen with Eric and Nathan Jean-Joseph

The Blue Planet Fishermen with Eric and Nathan Jean-Joseph

This started when we found that Nathan, age 15, son of Port du Marin manager Eric Jean-Joseph was an avid and quite talented fisherman. And Nathan was studying English at school. Amazingly, when asked if he would bring his fishing gear and share his fishing secrets with the fleet, Nathan accepted. His passion for fishing outweighed the nervousness of speaking English in front of a group of international sailors!

The father and son team met with the Blue Planet Odyssey sailors and showed the methods they used to troll for mahi-mahi, tuna and wahoo. Nathan demonstrated some of his special knots for reinforcing the end of the line, and under Nathan’s tutelage, Lucy of Lovesail mastered the knot, earning a high-five from Nathan.
Both Lucy and Justin on Coconut Woman brought their own tackle boxes, and the group examined each other’s lures and discussed the best colors and lures for different types of fish.

Justin from Coconut Woman brings his tackle box

It was quite a fun and lively exchange among Martinique and Blue Planet fishermen, conducted in mix of French and English, with a lot of gestures and pantomiming.
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