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Atlantic Odyssey 2: Day 12


Atlantic Sailing for Novices, by Oscar


Oscar pressing both buttons

I have never heard of anyone sailing across the Atlantic but this may be due to the fact that the closest thing to sailing in my local town is Ponte Park boating lake. Here you will find a few rusty rowing boats which haven’t been used in years due to the fact it’s pretty horrid with an array of rubbish submerged from shopping trolleys to dead bodies, accompanied with the “beautiful” Yorkshire weather.

That’s a big wave,” or as I call them mahoosive!

When I first told the family I was going to sail across the Atlantic I got a mixture of responses. My Father and Aunty said a similar quote to, “are you mad, why do you want to spend 3 weeks on a boat with my sister?” The women of the family were getting very worried and maternal about my safety as most of them, like me, had never heard of anyone sailing across the Atlantic, so again thought I was mad. In reality the trip so far, touch wood has been plain sailing (good on, yeah?)—plenty of Tetley tea, films, food, snacks and general madness.

I’m off to chill at the bow.”

With us reaching half way yesterday the real test will be this following week – who will be the first to flip/go mad?. So far everyone seems to have their jobs and it seems to be going well. With Adam and Pete seeing to any sailing stuff, Anna keeping us all well fed, Sammy annoying everybody and me (hmmm….). I like to see myself as the entertainer making sure everyone has a good laugh usually at me but as long as they’re entertained

What shall we have for lunch/dinner?” “Well, what’s going off?”

Have some more guacamole.” (lots of avocados onboard)

Finally I know that my mother will ask me what I’ve learnt during this trip so here ya go Mum:

  • If something bangs, wake Pete up.
  • If it beeps, you’ve got to push both buttons and tell Pete.
  • If something flaps, wake Pete up.
  • If Pete says pull that sheet, he means a rope.
  • If Pete says port he means left and starboard he means right.
  • Press +10 on auto pilot to go further North and – 10 to go further South or just wake Pete up.
  • Any other sailing terminology ask Pete.



Hello to our fellow Odyssey trekkers. We now have all the paperwork and freight agents in place that we hope will make for a smooth delivery of our new sail from Crusader sails in Poole near Southampton this coming weekend.

In the meantime we are all busy taking the time to do a number of maintenance jobs including some minor fibre-glass repairs to little chips and scratches in the gel coat one accumulates over a year of cruising. The electric motor in the toilet in the owners head had a bearing fail suddenly so after a drive up to Santa Cruz de La Tenerife yesterday including some sight-seeing, we got a replacement unit all is now good. Glad it happened now and not on the crossing!

We are loving reading all the great posts and looking forward to heaps of cooked flying fish! Although some boats will have moved off into the Caribbean by the time we (hopefully) arrive around 10th-12th Feb, we hope to catch up with most crews to enjoy sharing your stories.

Capt’n Col and the crew of FMD


Everything is fine on board! We are in our 4th day of sailing since leaving Mindelo and the winds are weakening now but we still manage some 150 miles per day.


No real changes, very little wind. Boat speed between 3,5 and 5 knts. A little squall hit us this morning with winds up to 30 knts and pushed us a little bit forward.

GermanHeute gibt es nicht viel Neues, weiterhin kaum Wind. Gestern war der ganze Tag und auch noch die Nacht dicht bewölkt mit gelegentlichen Regenschauer, heute scheint wieder die Sonne, zwischendrinnen ein paar Regenwolken. Ein kleiner Sqaull ist gerade über uns drüber und hat das Deck gut entsalzt. Gestern gab’s noch Palatschinken aus der Bordküche.
Wir hoffen, dass der Wind bald wiederkommt und tümpeln inzwischen mit wenigen Knoten Fahrt so vor uns hin, die Strömung hift auch ein bisschen mit.

Grüße von der Themi!



What to do with the trash?

A vast subject and how important! During provisioning we didn’t take onboard any cardboard, plastic packaging (except for vacuum packed items) for two reasons: less trash and also to avoid the cockroaches. The only thing we throw overboard is vegetable matter: vegetable and fruit peelings and egg shells. Empty plastic bottles are stored alongside the full ones so they don’t go wandering around the bilges. All our washing up is done with sea water (it does a good job), and all the tins, plastic packaging, glass jars and bottles, are washed well to prevent unpleasant smells, before being put into their respective rubbish sacks in a cockpit locker. 

We still haven’t managed to catch a fish, despite trailing two lures from morn til night, as we sail through impressive fields of dead algae floating on the water.

French J12 Gestion des déchets

Vaste sujet mais ô combien important !

Au cours de l’approvisionnement, ne montent pas à bord tout ce qui est
cartons, emballages plastiques (hormis produits sous vides) pour deux
raisons, moins de déchets et éviter les cafards (cucarachas en espagnol).
On rejette à la mer uniquement ce qui est végétal : épluchures de légumes
et fruits ainsi que les coquilles d’œuf.

Les bouteilles plastiques vides sont stockées là où elles étaient pleines
ce qui évite qu’elles ne se baladent dans les fonds.

Comme toute la vaisselle est lavée à l’eau de mer( ça lave très bien),
toutes les boites de conserve, plastiques d’emballage sous vide, bouteilles
et bocaux en verre, canettes, sont lavés pour éviter les odeurs
désagréables avant d’être rangés dans leurs sacs poubelles respectifs
(cartons, verres, conserves, tout venant) dans un coffre du cockpit.

Toujours aucun poisson péché malgré deux lignes trainées du matin au soir
au travers de champs d’algues mortes à la surface de l’eau,

On aperçoit une voile devant nous à l’horizon à 4 milles faisant la même
route que nous.

Le vent est plus faible ; 10/12 nœuds pile de l’arrière…Malgré cela on a
parcouru 153 milles depuis hier en 24 heures.



German Langsam, aber stetig kommen wir voran. Der Passatwind ist schwach, um die 10 Knoten. Heute haben wir in der Mittagsflaute für 2 Stunden mit dem Motor mitgeschoben und dabei auch gleich die Batterien geladen. Warmes Duschwasser hat es nebenbei dann auch noch gegeben. Jetzt riecht es hier wieder frühlingsfrisch. Ansonsten gibt es nichts Neues zu berichten.


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