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Blue Planet Odyssey on the move

The Blue Planet Odyssey and Pacific Odyssey boats are on the move again. The tracking map might look complicated, but it means all our boats are slowly converging… to be one fleet by May 2015 in Tahiti.

Blue Planet Odyssey and Pacific Odyssey tracking map

Blue Planet Odyssey and Pacific Odyssey tracking map

  • Those that stopped in Montego Bay, Jamaica, left on the morning of Tuesday 2oth January and are en route to San Blas, Panama
  • Those that started from Martinique are also sailing towards San Blas
  • No Regrets, the late starter from Key West, is now catching up as she heads around the coast of Cuba
  • Libby has appeared on the tracking map, bringing the west coast alive, as she prepares to leave within the next few days. Terry and Dena also have a fantastic mission to complete, as they will be loading Argo floats from the Scripps Institute in San Diego. More on that soon.
  • News from Heron Reach: in Newport, Oregon with a good weather window to San Francisco.

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