The Caribbean Odyssey yachts start the transatlantic passage to Barbados

After a six-day stopover in Mindelo’s welcoming marina, the Caribbean Odyssey yachts set sail for their Caribbean destination. The first to leave, one day earlier than the others because of time constraints, was Olena.

With strong winds and a large swell entering the harbour making manoeuvring difficult for the departing boats, the marina staff helped the boats leave their berths one by one, with Sina being the first to go.

The next to leave was Wilderness.

Followed by Serenity

The French Tubalcain was next.

With Australian Sandro last to go.

With the winter trade winds well set in, several other boats were also preparing to leave, among them a Spanish yacht, whose crew, Augustin Gutierrez and Juan Antonio Martin, had first crossed the Atlantic in America 500, a special event which I had organised in 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s historic voyage.

A happy encounter to mark the start of my last transatlantic rally.

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