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Track the Caribbean Odyssey boats across the Atlantic from Mindelo (M) in the Cape Verdes to Barbados.

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If a yacht’s position has not been updated or shows any other anomaly, this is most likely a malfunction of the tracking system and not an indication of the yacht’s current situation.

BoatPositionLast ReportComments
Olena16.09°N, 34.89°W21 Jan 07:19 UTCDistance to finish: 1447 NM
Sandro16.19°N, 32.55°W21 Jan 08:54 UTCDistance to finish: 1582 NM
Serenity14.58°N, 32.21°W21 Jan 12:45 UTCDistance to finish: 1599 NM
Sina16.51°N, 32.24°W21 Jan 11:16 UTCDistance to finish: 1601 NM
Tubalcain16.05°N, 32.65°W21 Jan 11:59 UTCDistance to finish: 1575 NM
Wilderness16.20°N, 31.25°W20 Jan 22:42 UTCDistance to finish: 1656 NM

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