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Where do all the boats go? Global Movement of Sailing Vessels

My interest in the global movement of cruising boats goes back to 1987, when I published the results of my first survey on this subject. In the intervening 35 years I have conducted follow-up surveys …

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New Edition of Cornells' Ocean Atlas

Jimmy Cornell, experienced sailor and bestselling author, has teamed up with his son Ivan to produce a fully updated and revised third edition of Cornells’ Ocean Atlas aimed at navigators planning an offshore …

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Ma Vie En Bleue - Sail The World With Me de Jimmy Cornell est désormais disponible en édition française

« Un exemple transgénérationnel, qui peut tous nous inspirer », c’est ainsi que mon livre Sail the World With Me a été décrit par le Figaro Nautisme. 

« Un contenu général passionnant » Emmanuel van …

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New Year, New Book: Sail The World with Jimmy Cornell

Sail The World With Me

Perhaps the most important lesson that my sailing life has taught me is that there is a solution to everything, provided you are determined to find it and willing to act upon it. The restrictions …

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Report from Seville: Hello… Goodbye!

The GLY World Odyssey 500 fleet arrived in Seville earlier this week in preparation for the start of this round the world rally on Sunday 24 October. Sponsored by the French Grand Large Yachting …

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The long goodbye

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

After the decision to postpone my round the world voyage and turn around in Tenerife, we sailed back to the Outremer boatyard in France to carry out some improvements …

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Aventura Zero News

When I left Aventura in the care of the Outremer boatyard last December, I was planning to be away for only a few weeks. But soon after I returned home, the British authorities imposed …

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Project Hope

The coronavirus pandemic has inspired countless altruistic projects initiated by individual people all over the world. They show that even in the midst of such a global tragedy what human beings need above all is …

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Confessions of a monohull sailor

In my previous report I dealt with some of the most significant questions that I had been asked about my Elcano project and the latest Aventura. However, one question that I was asked on several …

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What next? Update on Aventura Zero plans

An angry looking sky at sunset predicts bad weather for the coming night as we were passing the Balearics

 In the three months since I returned with Aventura Zero to the Outremer boatyard at …

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Life Afloat Part 3: Q& A with Jimmy Cornell

Here is the final instalment of the answers to the questions from students at Kurtzebarri Secondary School in Aretxabaleta, in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa, Spain.


How do you get food supplies when you …

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Life Afloat Part 2: Q&A with Jimmy

Last week I posted a number of questions sent from students at Kurtzebarri Secondary School in Aretxabaleta, in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa. Here are the answers to some more questions.

What do you do …

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Life Afloat: Q&A with Jimmy

Recently I received a list of questions from students at Kurtzebarri Secondary School in Aretxabaleta, in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa. I found them so interesting that I decided to post them on our website.

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The Elcano Challenge is back on course

I never lose: either I win, or I learn.

 Nelson Mandela’s words have been haunting me ever since I took the decision to turn around at Tenerife and put my project on hold. One of …

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New Year Greetings from Jimmy Cornell

The arrival of a new year is a usually good opportunity to turn your back on the old one and look ahead with renewed hope for a better future. Alas, these are not usual times. …

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Sailors of Hope: Aventura Zero Journal 9

“Marinheiros da Esperança”

ISBN 978-989-8159-97-7

London, 20 December 2020

Aventura Zero is having a rest on the Outremer pontoon La Grande Motte, while I have returned to London to get my Covid vaccination and …

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Will i Buy the bride Online?

Buy a bride online is among the easiest methods to find an individual you are compatible with. When you use a postal mail order brides’ website, you could have the ability to fulfill thousands …

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“A good adventure” : Aventura Zero Journal 8

Journal 8

La Grande Motte

12 December 2020

Our first Mediterranean dawn

The Straits of Gibraltar marked the halfway point of our winter passage from the Canaries to Southern France. The winds continued to …

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Locating a Sugar Baby

If you are looking to discover a sugar baby in Pa then you have come to the right place. Wherever you live in the point out of Pennsylvania, there are sure to be a …

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Back to the Med: Aventura Zero Journal 7

Strait of Gibraltar

5 December 2020

The decision to turn around was quickly implemented and within hours we were on our way north with a favourable SW wind whisking us along. As I turned …

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Electric Shock

My decision to abandon the Elcano Challenge has taken by surprise many of those who have been following my voyage, and I want to apologise to all of you for the disappointment this may …

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Aventura Zero - Change of Plan

On the passage from Sevilla to Tenerife we had a technical problem which we were hoping to solve on arrival. Unfortunately it turned out to be much more serious than we had expected and rather …

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Landfall in Tenerife

Aventura Zero

Journal 5

28 November 2020

Landfall! As we sighted the massive bulk of Tenerife from 37 miles distance we realised that our slow eight-day passage from Seville was getting close to its …

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Now we truly begin the challenge: Aventura Zero Blog 4

Aventura Zero

Journal 4

19 November 2020

Sailing down the Guadalquivir

We are off! Two weeks after our arrival in Seville our planned voyage along the route of the first circumnavigation has started and …

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Seville Sejour: Blog 3 from Aventura Zero

In the few days since our arrival in Seville I have been able to look back on Aventura Zero’s maiden voyage and the overall conclusion is that it has been a very useful and …

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