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Where do all the boats go?


This is an extract from Jimmy Cornell’s book “200,000 Miles – A Life of Adventure“.

My interest in the global movement of cruising boats goes back to 1987, when I published the results of …

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BPO Sailors In Their Own Words: Highlights So Far

Marquesas - Maggie

With Joyful the last boat to arrive in Australia this week, the Blue Planet Odyssey yachts have completed their transit of the Pacific Ocean. In the 9 months since the boats …

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BPO Update: Community Spirit on Palmerston Island


Janet Hayes on Chapter Two is part of the Blue Planet Odyssey small team of volunteer sailors trained to conduct eye tests on behalf of the HIT Institute in Germany, as part of …

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BPO: Deeper Into The Pacific


The next leg of the Blue Planet Odyssey is now underway as the boats leave Bora Bora after a prolonged cruise through French Polynesia and head off the beaten track to the Northern Cook Islands.

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