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Schools which are taking part in the Sail The Odyssey Education program

Lewiston Middle School, Maine, USA

‘I have connected with a school half an hour from where I live, and I will be sharing my adventures with 116 seventh graders (age 12 +/-). The teachers are excited about incorporating the Blue Planet Odyssey adventure and values into their curriculum.’
Website: www.lewistonpublicschools.org

— Zeke, S/V No Regrets

Wildcat Mountain Elementary School, Colorado, USA

‘Our school is from our home town outside of Denver, Colorado. We will be coordinating with the entire 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.’

— Dena, S/V Libby

North Penn Liberty High School
& Liberty Elementary School
in Liberty, Pennsylvania, USA

Tim on No Regrets has set up links with these 2 schools so they can follow the Blue Planet Odyssey around the world.

‘I just conducted a Skype session with one of the teachers in Pennsylvania from a balcony above the marina. The kids spoke of their project testing local creek waters and barraged me with a ton of questions about the expedition and our boat. Wonderfully uplifting! Know that the Blue Planet Odyssey has quite a number of excited followers.’

San Jacinto Elementary, Texas, USA
& Sokolowski Elementary, Massachusetts, USA

Meredith from Coconut Woman has set up links with these two schools in Texas and Massachusetts.

‘I have given both schools a 36″ blowup globe of the Earth,’ says Meredith. ‘This massive globe can help them to glean how big the world is while they trace our voyage on it in magic marker as we sail.


Sam Sherratt Public School, Milton , Ontario

Teachers Jeff Belford (Grade 5 and 6), Lori Belford (Grade 4 and 5) will be following Maggie’s progress. They are excited about the possibilities to incorporate many areas of study as well as the use of technology.

Website: sha.hdsb.ca

— Rob & Carol, S/V Maggie

Round Hill Elementary School, Round Hill, Virginia

‘The Round Hill Elementary School is now an enthusiastic participant in the Sail the Odyssey Educational Program. The leaders and the students are excited about their involvement, and they will be a great addition to the program.’
Website: www.loudoun.k12.va.us/roundhill
On this website: View all posts by Round Hill Elementary School

Roundhill Vimeo Channel

— Jeff & Anne, S/V Joyful

Good Shepherd Academy, Alabama, USA

‘Good Shepherd Academy is a kindergarten – 12th non-denominational Christian Academy founded in 1976 by our pastor and his wife, Bill and Cindy Thompson.’
Website: www.gscatc.com

— Jeff & Anne, S/V Joyful

Rednock School, Gloucestershire, UK

Rednock School is a comprehensive state school and a specialist Science College with students aged 12-18. The school has many eco-friendly features including a sedum roof and solar panels.

Nera Cornell is working with the Science and Geography teachers to follow the science projects of the Blue Planet Odyssey. To prepare for her trip to the Arctic in the summer of 2014 she and fellow students made a Secchi disk in the school technology department.

Website: www.rednockschool.org.uk

Georgia Aquarium, Georgia, USA

‘We have the education departments at the Georgia Aquarium, the Mystic Aquarium and the New York Aquarium working with us as we develop our program together. Much of our educational material is based on the Ocean Literacy materials found on this link.
Website: www.georgiaaquarium.org

— Benjamin & Joseph, S/V Gypsie

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