Atlantic Odyssey - Barbados arrivals 12 December

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The last three Atlantic Odyssey boats made a safe landfall in Barbados today, with perfect timing for tonight’s welcome and prize giving party at the Barbados Yacht Club.

The first to arrive was Wellis.

The crew of Wellis, delighted and happy at the end of a 24-day passage from Tenerife, which included a 24-hour stop in Mindelo, in the Cape Verde Islands.

Falkor followed them a few minutes later.

Shamrock brought up the rear soon after noon…. and, with the exception of Mercator, all Atlantic Odyssey chickens were safely in!

Having completed entry formalities at the special clearance facility provided for the Atlantic Odyssey boats, all three proceeded to the Careenage, the small boat harbour in the centre of the capital Bridgetown.

The bridge opens to let the first boat enter the enclosed pool.

And now let’s party!

Barbados Yacht Cub beach bar and restaurant

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