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Barbados 50 transatlantic rally - Emergency on the high seas

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20 November – Rally Control have received this message from Pete Cropper on the yacht Modjadji, also sailing in Barbados 50:

Oysterbar have lost their steering cable so crew are hand steering with their emergency tiller.

In strong winds and large swell, the crew of Holger and Karin Binz found it very hard to keep the 50 ft Hanse 505 on course. Unable to use their autopilot, they found it exhausting to handle the boat on their own.

21 November – Update from Pete on Modjadji:

Several yachts including Tourterelle have changed course and are closing on them from behind, Maggie Drum and  ourselves are slowing down ahead of them. Maggie Drum have offered to put their 3rd crew member onboard to help out.

22 November –  Report from Tim on Gloria of Southampton

We have spoken to Oysterbar. We are 15 nm due south and have altered course to intercept them which will be in about 3 hours

Our crew Ty is happy to go across to their boat, he’s a whizz mechanic so can have a look at the issue.

22 November – Update from Modjadji:

Ourselves, Maggie Drum, Laridae, Assante, Tourterelle & Gloria are trying to get closer to Oysterbar so we can offer some assistance with their steering failure.

22 November –  Update from Gloria:

Transferred Ty Stainfield to Oysterbar at 2100 (22.11.16).
Ty will stay on-board Oysterbar until arrival at Bridgetown.
We are currently shadowing Oysterbar and will stay in touch over the next 12/24 hour in case further assistance is needed.

Any further updates will be posted by email as and when necessary, both on board Oysterbar are in good spirits.


23 November – Report from Holger on Oysterbar:

Jimmy, just want to let you know that Gloria set over Ty who get the autopilot running. He will stay with us. We will make it!

What a great community this Barbados 50.

23 November –  Update from Gloria:

Autopilot sorted and worked through the night. Enough fuel to motor through to Barbados if needed.
Working to get the sail plan right to make use of 20knt wind which will reduce pressure on auto helm which is running hot.
All onboard now well rested and well fed.
Aiming to arrive early on Saturday 26.11.16


23 November – Update from yacht Gloria on crew transfer operation:
Although sea condition did not allow us to come alongside Oysterbar as
this could have caused structural damage to both boats, the waves were
only 1 meter so a ‘wet’ transfer was the best option, we discussed
inflating our dinghy but wanted to complete the transfer well before
darkness fell.

My decision was to run a warp with a fender from the leeward aft quarter
of Gloria while we were upwind of Oysterbar.

I instructed Oysterbar to lower their swim platform and bathing ladder
and to trail a warp with a fender.

Ty then used the warp as a safety line and swam downwind from us to
Oysterbar – with warps in the water there were sufficient bale out
options should boarding Oysterbar prove difficult. In the end it was

We then sent a throwing line across to allow Oysterbar to haul across a
grab bag with Ty’s personal effects.


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