Barbados 50 Yachts Arrival in Lanzarote

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The five Barbados 50 yachts that left Lisbon on 25th August arrived in Lanzarote after a good sail south towards the Canary Islands.

Their departure from Lisbon permitted them  to enjoy the spectacular Lisbon scenery as they sailed down the Tagus River, past the impressive Monument of Discovery in Belem, the symbolic starting point of many famous voyages of discovery.

Lisbon monument with dinghy (1280x799)


Good progress was made from there en route to the Canaries with the winds consistently northerly force 4-5. 

Lady Rebel and Stormbreaker were the first to arrive on 29th August, followed the following day by Maryna II, Maisie and White Ibis.

The yachts enjoyed a friendly welcome from those Barbados 50 yachts which were already in Marina Lanzarote, such as Gloria and Witte Kreeft.

Lady Rebel

Ken and Jenny from Lady Rebel host drinks onboard for their fellow sailors

Lady Rebel

The majority of those yachts which are taking part in the Barbados 50 rally will join the event in Lanzarote. To mark the occasion, a week-long series of long distance cruising seminars free to all sailors has been sponsored by the Canary Islands Tourism Promotion Board, the Lanzarote Tourist Board, the European Sports Destination, and Calero Marinas.

Sundowner, which was  delayed due to technical problems, are now safely en route to Lanzarote, and expected to arrive next week.

Drinks on Gloria

Jimmy Cornell enjoys welcome drinks on Gloria with the crews of Lady Rebel and Stormbreaker

Barbados 50 is sponsored by Barbados Tourism Marketing, Tenerife Port Authority, Promotur Turismo Canarias, the Patronato de Turismo de Lanzarote and the European Sports Destination.

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