NW Passage: News from Drina

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Michael Thurston reports:

We arrived Gjoa on Monday morning to find it was a long weekend for Labor Day Holiday so everything was closed. We did however manage to  clear in to Canada and register the rifle at the Police Station. We  were befriended by one of the Police officers who kindly allowed us to  use there washing machine and dryer. Also some of the crew managed to have showers there.

We did not manage to get fuel as only Kerosene was available. So we  left Tuesday morning and after a night at sea will arrive in Cambridge  Bay this evening. This means we have managed to get from Greenland to  Cambridge with out refueling on the way. We hope to fuel up and get  provisions tomorrow and be on our way again on Thursday.

We’re trying to make time to get past Barrow before the ice comes down from the North and the next big freeze starts. We did see some ice to the north of us whilst passing through Queen Maud Gulf.

Sadly Emily has to leave us in Cambridge Bay due to work commitments.  We shall all miss her on Drina. She has been a wonderful crew member  and also cooked some terrific meals. She has managed to do some more  trawls to monitor the plastics in the seas up here.

Gjoa is somewhere behind us and Arctic Tern in Cambridge bay at present, so hope to catch up with them on arrival.

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