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New Year Greetings from Jimmy Cornell

The arrival of a new year is a usually good opportunity to turn your back on the old one and look ahead with renewed hope for a better future. Alas, these are not usual times. The coronavirus pandemic has shown the vulnerability of the human race to stand up to the forces of nature. It has given us a clear warning that we cannot and should not continue to take nature and the environment for granted if we sincerely wish for us – and future generations – to survive.  

What the pandemic has also shown were countless altruistic projects initiated by individual people all over the world. They prove that there may indeed be hope for a better future; and this is the message that I wish to convey to you at the start of this new year. 

On a personal level, I am determined to continue my zero emissions project once certain improvements have been made to Aventura Zero. I have been impressed and greatly emboldened by the general interest in my project, which shows just how many in the sailing community (and quite a lot of non-sailors too) are aware of the importance of this kind of project.

I thank you for your support and wish you a healthy and peaceful New Year. 

Jimmy Cornell

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