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Now we truly begin the challenge: Aventura Zero Blog 4

Aventura Zero

Journal 4

19 November 2020

Sailing down the Guadalquivir

We are off! Two weeks after our arrival in Seville our planned voyage along the route of the first circumnavigation has started and we are now sailing down the Guadalquivir bound for the Atlantic and the passage to the Canaries.

To mark the official start of the Elcano Challenge, a press conference was held this morning at the Navy headquarters. Javier Albert Perez, Naval Commander of Seville, held a brief introduction highlighting the importance of our voyage for its historic dimension, and stressing its even more significant objective of doing it on a fully electric, non-polluting boat.

The function was attended by some local dignitaries, as well as journalists from local, national and international media.

After the conference, we walked to the nearby pontoon where Aventura Zero was docked for a ceremonial raising of the Quincentenary Commission’s flag.

This act marked the official start of our voyage. Within minutes we were on our way.

The Delicias road bridge was opened especially for us, and we rushed through it keen to catch the remains of the favourable tide.

Much has happened during our stay in Seville, but I wanted to report first on our long-delayed departure. Part 2 of this report will follow shortly.

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