Atlantic Odyssey - Barbados arrivals 8 December

Five Atlantic Odyssey boats, Finally, Akouavi, A Capella, Spinnwill and Yuana, made a safe landfall in Barbados late on Thursday evening or early on Friday.

Some anchored for the night in Carlisle Bay, and all five proceeded this morning to the Shallow Draft facility in Bridgetown Harbour to complete clearance formalities.

Arrival Finally

The yacht Finally was the only one that could come alongside at the clearance dock; all other boats had to pick up temporary moorings. The following photos were taken of their crews as they waited ashore for the arrival of the various officials.

The crew of Akouavi

The crew of A Capella of Belfast

The crew of Spinnwill

The crew of Yuana

The next two expected arrivals were Ariel and Dream Catcher.

Ariel made it almost to the finishing line when the engine control cable broke. Unable to manoeuvre, captain Charles Springett decided to anchor in Carlisle Bay. The organisers obtained permission from the Harbour Master to allow them to stay there and for the captain to go ashore to complete the necessary arrival formalities.

In the meantime Dream Catcher crossed the finishing line and proceeded to the designated quarantine area.

The crew of Dream Catcher

Eight more Atlantic Odyssey boats are expected to arrive late tonight or early on Saturday: Lady Jane, Lys des Mers, Krabat, Kisu, Manwe, Rubicon, Mirabella and Punch Coco.

Hopefully all will arrive in time for the early arrivals party that will be held Saturday at 1830 at the Barbados Yacht Club.

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