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Track the Atlantic Odyssey boats across the Atlantic from Tenerife (T) to Mindelo (M) to Barbados (B).

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If a yacht’s position has not been updated or shows any other anomaly, this is most likely a malfunction of the tracking system and not an indication of the yacht’s current situation.

BoatPositionLast ReportComments
A Capella of Belfast16.89°N, 24.99°W20 Nov 00:00 UTCArrived
Callisto16.89°N, 24.99°W19 Nov 23:30 UTCArrived
Falkor17.47°N, 24.60°W19 Nov 18:25 UTCDistance to finish: 42 NM
Infinity16.89°N, 24.99°W17 Nov 13:32 UTCArrived
Kisu25.65°N, 18.25°W20 Nov 03:31 UTCDistance to finish: 2448 NM
La Smala25.99°N, 18.96°W20 Nov 00:42 UTCDistance to finish: 2414 NM
Lotus16.89°N, 24.99°W20 Nov 01:15 UTCArrived
Luna Bay II16.89°N, 25.00°W17 Nov 14:33 UTCArrived
Manwe26.34°N, 17.57°W20 Nov 00:52 UTCDistance to finish: 2491 NM
Mariposa26.30°N, 17.51°W19 Nov 19:49 UTCDistance to finish: 2494 NM
Mercator25.46°N, 17.04°W20 Nov 02:37 UTCDistance to finish: 2511 NM
Mirabella25.87°N, 18.03°W19 Nov 22:19 UTCDistance to finish: 2462 NM
Pico28.47°N, 16.24°W18 Nov 13:24 UTCDelayed departure
Rogue16.89°N, 24.99°W20 Nov 02:41 UTCArrived
Sea Dragon25.18°N, 17.99°W20 Nov 02:10 UTCDistance to finish: 2457 NM
Shamrock25.88°N, 17.44°W19 Nov 20:20 UTCDistance to finish: 2494 NM
Triton26.70°N, 18.34°W19 Nov 18:26 UTCDistance to finish: 2455 NM
Wellis26.38°N, 17.39°W19 Nov 19:23 UTCDistance to finish: 2502 NM
Wildside26.92°N, 16.96°W19 Nov 07:42 UTCDistance to finish: 2530 NM
Yuana16.89°N, 24.99°W17 Nov 22:47 UTCArrived

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