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All the Odyssey boats have now safely arrived in Barbados.

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BoatPositionLast ReportComments
A Capella of Belfast14.44°N, 60.89°W12 Jan 15:06 UTCArrived
Akouavi14.43°N, 60.89°W17 Dec 14:08 UTCArrived
Anemone13.10°N, 59.61°W16 Jan 11:59 UTCArrived
Ariel17.01°N, 61.78°W13 Jan 10:10 UTCArrived
Callisto14.50°N, 61.09°W13 Jan 00:53 UTCArrived
Dream Catcher14.44°N, 60.89°W21 Dec 14:09 UTCArrived
Falkor13.10°N, 59.64°W12 Dec 09:58 UTCArrived
Finally13.11°N, 59.63°W 8 Dec 18:36 UTCArrived
Infinity15.73°N, 61.57°W30 Jan 22:52 UTCArrived
JaJapami13.08°N, 59.61°W12 Dec 19:34 UTCArrived
Kisu13.11°N, 59.63°W 9 Dec 19:22 UTCArrived
Krabat12.46°N, 61.49°W16 Jan 21:18 UTCArrived
La Smala13.08°N, 59.61°W 8 Dec 13:50 UTCArrived
Lady Jane12.46°N, 61.49°W12 Jan 20:00 UTCArrived
Lotus13.10°N, 59.63°W15 Dec 16:32 UTCArrived
Luna Bay II13.08°N, 59.61°W 8 Dec 11:04 UTCArrived
Lys des Mers13.09°N, 59.62°W 9 Dec 04:26 UTCArrived
Manwe17.08°N, 61.89°W 2 Feb 12:03 UTCArrived
Mariposa13.10°N, 59.61°W14 Dec 11:50 UTCArrived
Mercator13.11°N, 59.63°W19 Dec 11:52 UTCArrived
Mirabella14.56°N, 61.06°W 9 Mar 15:33 UTCArrived
Mojito13.08°N, 59.61°W 8 Dec 10:42 UTCArrived
Mr Grey13.11°N, 59.63°W 7 Dec 13:27 UTCArrived
Pico13.08°N, 59.61°W13 Feb 00:11 UTCArrived
Punch Coco13.08°N, 59.61°W14 Dec 18:58 UTCArrived
Rogue13.10°N, 59.61°W11 Dec 02:54 UTCArrived
Rubicon13.00°N, 61.24°W28 Dec 11:41 UTCArrived
Sea Dragon10.68°N, 61.64°W13 Jan 10:06 UTCArrived
Shamrock13.08°N, 59.61°W12 Dec 19:42 UTCArrived
Spinnwill43.37°N, 8.38°W24 May 10:24 UTCArrived
Tamoure13.11°N, 59.63°W10 Dec 17:37 UTCArrived
Triton13.11°N, 59.63°W10 Dec 13:19 UTCArrived
Voyageur13.10°N, 59.61°W 9 Dec 09:33 UTCArrived
Wellis14.44°N, 60.88°W25 Dec 02:06 UTCArrived
Wildside13.11°N, 59.63°W 9 Dec 18:16 UTCArrived
Yuana13.10°N, 59.61°W11 Dec 11:33 UTCArrived

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