Atlantic Odyssey - Barbados arrivals 7 December

Three Atlantic Odysey boats, Mr Grey, Infinity and Callisto, arrived late last night in Barbados, anchored for the night in Carlisle Bay, and completed clearance formalities this morning.

Arrival Mr Grey

Arrival Infinity

Arrival Callisto

Arrival La Smala

The most anticipated and exciting arrival was that of La Smala. The crew of the largest and potentially fastest catamaran in this year’s fleet had predicted an arrival on 1 December and based on that the wives of the captain and two crew landed in Barbados on that day.

Because of light winds in the early stages of the passage means that La Smala arrived six days later than predicted.

A warm welcome from the three patient majorettes

The next two expected arrivals were Mojito and Luna Bay.

Arrival Luna Bay

Arrival Mojito

Happy reunion between the crews of Luna Bay and La Smala at the end of a safe Atlantic crossing

Charlie and Andy Our Bajan welcome party: Charlie and Andy meet every boat on the finishing line and guide them to the customs dock to complete entry formalities


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