Barbados 50 reaches Lisbon: last stop before the Canaries

The Portuguese trade winds that normally blow consistently along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula arrived late this summer but when they did, they did so with a vengeance and provided the five boats taking part in Barbados 50 with an exhilarating leg from Porto to Lisbon.

As they sailed up the River Tagus the attractive panorama of the Portuguese capital unfolded on its north shore.

Stormbreaker enters the narrow sluice gate.

The excitement of the strong offshore winds was more than matched by the challenge of passing through the narrow sluice gate into Marina Parque das Nações.

Maryna II is assisted by the marina tender.

The wide beam of the two catamarans, Maisie and Maryna II, with only inches left to spare, allowed no space for error, but both came through unscathed.

Lady Rebel, White Ibis, Stormbreaker and Maryna II.

The marina is located on the site of former Expo 98 world exhibition site, which has been transformed into an attractive civic centre and architectural show piece, with a huge aquarium that incorporates more the 25,000 species, an oceanarium, exhibition centre, cafeterias and restaurants for all tastes.

This is undoubtedly a perfect place to enjoy and relax before the 700 miles leg to Lanzarote, in the Canaries, where the entire Barbados 50 fleet will come together.

Barbados 50 participants being welcomed by Filipa Villar (in centre) representing the marina management.

In the true spirit of the event, a Mount Gay rum punch party was held on arrival.

Marina Parque das Nações today…

… and how it looked in May 1998 when the 32 boats of the Expo 98 round the world rally arrived on the day of the opening of the universal exhibition on completion of their circumnavigation.

Barbados 50 is sponsored by Barbados Tourism Marketing, Tenerife Port Authority, Promotur Turismo Canarias and the Patronato de Turismo de Lanzarote.

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