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Day 7 of the Atlantic Odyssey


Everything is great on Alytes. We are running on Parasailor now. The crew is mostly busy with preparing our barbecue.

So far we got three dorades. Stopped for a moment to eat them all. Have quite a lot of meat on board…

Seven Seas Adventure

The third wave

There were three waves of weather (frontal systems) going over us in the past days and that kept us busy and at times grumpy because the relentless motion of the boat, seasickness, tiredness.


Day 5. We got our forecast for the day and braced for the third wave (front) that announced winds in excess of 30 kn (60 km/h or force 6 to 7 in marine language).
And it came, with lot of rain, wind gusting to 40 kn … a sleepless night. But at least it only lasted 6 hours and we’re now sailing happily along towards the tropical latitudes which we expect to reach in 3-4 days. Everyone is happier now!

Sailing is funny. It reminds me of playing golf, when after a miserable day you wanted to throw away your clubs and never to play again, but it was enough to hit one good shot, just one to become a happy player. I found the same with sailing: after a few miserable days one may wonder what’s the point of being in a shaky boat, wet and cold, but one good sunny sailing day and all doubts vanish.
My watch is starting now and I look forward to a silent night, watching the stars and the waves.



Yesterday I woke up covered in sails, barely breathing. (Solved this problem btw. No more surprise hugs.)
Today I woke up to “flat” water (only 2 meter waves!), perfect winds and happy people. I spent the day reading and sun bathing in the shadow (It’s way too hot. Now, at night, the sea still is 33° Celsius.), and dad even made real food! No cans involved!
In addition to that, I’m finishing a wonderful book, the stars are lovely as always, and it looks like we’ll get to the Caribbean before the welcome party! Can life get any better?

What do you talk about when you spend so much time together with your dad and brother? Today we discussed the geography of ice cream. In our family we have an extraordinary talent for eating ice cream, and thus we have a clear view on the geography of it. My favourite part is the lower corner-corner, but only if given within 15 minutes or so.


Hi, due to some water leakage we had to stop in Fuerteventura . But now we move forward again. Had a lovely journey so far.

German Das Wasserproblem wurde Dank der Hilfe des C-Teams, einer Gruppe von Einhandseglern die wir in Arrecife kennengelernt haben, schnell wieder mit ein wenig Sikaflex und Lasse’s alten Fußball, behoben.
Schuld für den Wassereintritt war der Ankerkasten, dieser ist nun sauber dicht.
So schnell noch das Fliegen-Antifouling drauf und wir eilen schon wieder der Gruppe hinterher.

Por Dos

We are planning to leave Tenerife tomorrow around midday. I will turn the sat phone back on now and start tracking again. We delayed our departure plans by a couple of days waiting for these lows to pass through.

Gazel Rebel

French Ce matin belle mer, spi sous 15 noeuds NE (on marche à 7 8 noeuds), soleil, 25°, et beaucoup de poissons volants. Hier on s’est fait bouffer la ligne par un gros poisson bleu et argenté que nous n’avons pas su identifier. On en prépare une plus costaud et on va pécho “maudit bique”.


Papy Jovial

French Avons croisé un cachalot par 22:13.1 N et 26:11 W a 8:54 (TU-1).

This morning shortly before nine 0’clock Jean-Paul spotted a whale crossing
our course. We saw it very very close. But it did not seem to be bothered by us.

Hapa Na Sasa

German Tweets:

– Sonntag an Bord mit Rindersteak, beurre rouge, Suesskartoffeln in Kokosmilch u ein bissel Salat, ein hoch auf die Koechin!!!
– Zeitweiser Ausfall des GPS von unserem Navi gestern Nacht, jetzt geht es wieder u ausserdem haben wir noch Hand GPS u iPad, iPhone, …


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