Odyssey Logs

Day 6 of the Atlantic Odyssey

The Larrikin

Lou sun baking on the trampoline, Gordon fishing off the port hull and Phil catching up on sleep looking very relaxed.

More seriously, ParaSailor is up and crew very relaxed, clear sky’s and smooth seas, please thank Jimmy and the team for their advice and support. Our trip so far has been amazing


Well after the last effort I decided to take control of the rod and we have landed our first dolphin fish on this leg of our journey. Looks like fish for dinner!

Cheers Gordon.


What day is this? Where are we? Why the heck are we doing this?–sleep deprivation has definitely set in.

Yesterday we had another cold front pass with strong winds, but after it passed the wind died down and clocked to the NW-N-NE. We currently have 6-8 knots NE with NNW swells around 7ft. We have pushed south to get to the trade wind zone which we hope to find tomorrow. We are currently at 19 00N and 20 15 W which is east of the cape Verde Islands. We hope the winds will allow us to go west and get this passage on its way.


Gordon & Sherry Cornett


While the good weather was postponed to (hopefully) tomorrow, we spent the day trying to eat and sleep and smile, all of which was hard at times. But as the true Vikings we are, there are of course no problems and we’re probably gonna brag about this later anyway.

I’m supposed to photograph birds for a UNESCO project, but so far I have not succeeded in retrieving my camera bag from somewhere beneath the sails in my bed…

We’ve almost spent a week at sea, and my hair still looks pretty decent. We still have pizza in the fridge, it’s still 30°celsius in the water and we’re still successfully eating chocolate cereal for breakfast. What am I complaining about?
We expect wonderful sailing the next days, and maybe even some cool birds going on!


Gazel Rebel

French Le singe de l’aube
Heureux qui comme Damien
Grimpe dès le matin
Remettre son D2 babord
Ridoir à présent mieux assuré qu’alors
Gaffe aux vibrations
Sur les haubans en tension

À part ça nuit calme mer plus plate et il semble que nous ayons enfin quitté le Groenland. Ça devient plus agréable.

Et surtout for the very first time lessive et toilette…

Damien Chambolle

Hapa Na Sasa

German Tweets:
Heute einige Stunden ohne Wind geduempelt, wegen knappen Diesel nicht motort, sehr nervenaufreibend! Jetzt rauscht es wieder tg.

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