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Scottish Landfall

We arrived at Stromness, in the Orkney Islands, early this morning after a rather uneventful but highly enjoyable passage from London. Aventura’s 560 miles voyage proved that she …

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Aventura's crew

It is now time to introduce Aventura’s crew for the initial leg to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. Nick Carter is a consultant in rheumatology and sports medicine. He has owned …

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A Sunny Day in the North Sea

The colourful Parasailor spinnaker we had hoped to deploy at our start from London, finally came into its own yesterday. A welcome southerly breeze filled the large sail and Aventura took off …

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Being a Citizen Scientist

In these days of global austerity, many scientific institutions have seen their research funds cut and some major oceanographic projects are threatened by the inability to obtain up to date information on current conditions, …

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London send-off

Aventura sails through Tower Bridge

The Blue Planet Odyssey had a symbolic start today when London’s iconic Tower Bridge was opened twice, first to let Aventura through into the Pool of London, …

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Jimmy Cornell reviews the new edition of the Southeast Asia Pilot

The Southeast Asia Pilot, by Andy Dowden and Bill O’Leary – 4th edition – Published by Image Asia (

Born as the Andaman Sea Pilot a quarter of a century ago, the fourth edition, …

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Inspiring Long Distance Cruising Seminar

The Long Distance Seminar gets going – looks a bit serious at this point!

Fabulous seminar this Annapolis Boat Show weekend. We are humbled and inspired by the organizers. See you all on the …

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Blue Planet Odyssey participant takes scientists for a sail

Rick Lumpkin is at the wheel, Pablo Aguilera in the middle and Shaun Dolk on the starboard side of the boat.

On Sunday last, Blue Planet Odyssey participant Pablo Aguilera took Dr. Rick Lumpkin, …

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Preparations for the Northwest Passage

As part of my own preparations to sail through that historic passage, I have attended three highly informative lectures delivered by sailors who had transited the Northwest Passage recently. Two had sailed from east to …

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Should the Blue Planet Odyssey Attempt the Northwest Passage?

London 13 February 2013

The decision for the Blue Planet Odyssey to sail through the Northwest Passage has generated a debate over the justification for a small fleet of cruising boats navigating through this …

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Blue Planet Odyssey London launch

London, 18 January 2013

The Blue Planet Odyssey European team with some prospective participants.

There was a full house for the London launch of the Blue Planet Odyssey held on Thursday 17 January at the …

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The Rock revisited

Gibraltar, 10 January 2013

Gibraltar waterfront

On January 2, 1991, the first round the world rally set sail from Gibraltar, the local government having given its full support to a global event that had never …

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Jimmy Cornell building a new Aventura to sail in Blue Planet Odyssey

Participants in all Jimmy’s previous round the world events ended up as a large family with strong bonds being forged while being part of a joint adventure. ‘I feel that the same will happen in this Odyssey,’ says Jimmy, ‘and I want to be the first to be regarded as part of that family. …

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