The Northern Route

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This section of the Blue Planet Odyssey is a more challenging route as it includes the Northwest Passage.

2014 start

The 2014 Northern Route was sailed by Aventura, Suilven and Drina who rendezvoused on Devon Island in the High Arctic in July 2014.

Although the sea ice reached the sixth lowest extent on record this year, with the Northwest Passage approaches from both west and east ice-free early in the summer season, the very central section remained blocked until late in August.

A decision was made in mid-August by Aventura and Suilven to abandon the transit, while Drina was able to sail through Bellot Strait and the central part of the Northwest Passage at the end of August, before continuing on to Alaska and the Pacific.

For more information, news items, and blogs on the 2014 Northern route: destinations/north-west-passage/

2015 start

Aventura made a second attempt in the summer of 2015, this time from west to east and was successful, taking the same route as Drina the year before but in the opposite direction.  You can read the blogs kept by Jimmy Cornell in the Aventura’s Logs.

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