The Blue Planet Odyssey comes to life in Key West

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The fleet of Blue Planet Odyssey and Pacific Odyssey yachts are getting ready to leave on the greatest adventure of their lives on 10th January 2015. The first leg of the Odyssey will take them to Montego Bay, Jamaica and then onto the San Blas and the Panama Canal before heading into the Pacific.

JOYFUL crew and Jimmy Cornell

At Stock Island Village Marina in Key West preparations are underway for the long sea miles ahead. Sailors have been busy with last minute repairs and heaps of provisions have been stowed aboard. There has been time for socialising also, with welcome drinks to bring everyone together and a party to celebrate the full moon.

John on CHAPTER TWO preparing freshly caught tuna for vacuum packing and freezing (3)

Zeke and Tim from NO REGRETS, Sue, CHAPTER TWO and Doina Cornell at the welcome party

The environmental message of the Odyssey has not been forgotten with a representative from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in Miami, Shaun Nolk, coming by to load up scientific drifter buoys for Pacific deployment, and a talk from Mill McCleary from Key West based not-for-profit Reef Relief on the global threats to coral reefs as well as Reef Relief’s education work and input into local solutions to help protect and restore the reefs surrounding the Keys, the third largest reef system in the world.

Shaun Nolk of NOAA explains the buoys


Jimmy Cornell with Carly Shabo and Mill McCleary of REEF RELIEF

After a final skipper’s briefing on Friday night, the yachts will leave on Saturday 10th January at 12 noon bound for Jamaica, some 700 miles south.

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