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First Drifter Buoy of 2014 Atlantic Odyssey Deployed

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German catamaran Alytes has deployed the first drifter buoy of the 2014 Atlantic Odyssey. The buoy was deployed at 17.10h UTC on Saturday 29th November, at the position  

18°22.481’N 41°51.719’W.


Alytes at the start in Arrecife


 Fritze and Heide von Berswordt are sailing onboard Alytes with their daughter Mina, 8, as well as their pet mice, Sonia, Lucia and Lulu.

Mina with two of her pet mice

Mina with two of her pet mice

Photographs of the deployment to follow soon.

In partnership with UNESCO-IOC, JCOMMOPS (the joint technical commission of the World Meteorological Organization), and NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA), Odyssey participants deploy drifter buoys in areas not frequented by commercial shipping to gather information on ocean currents, sea surface temperature, atmospheric pressure, winds and salinity.

 Read more about drifter buoys and the data they send back.

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