The Océanopolis centre in Brest welcomes the European Odyssey

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European Odyssey boats docked in Port du Moulin Blanc in Brest

European Odyssey boats docked in Port du Moulin Blanc in Brest

A foretaste of what the sailors might discover in the tropics

In the tropical forest of Océanopolis

Learning about the marine ecosystems with our guide

Martin Kramp (JCOMMOPS) introducing the program of the conference

Children prepare their fishing gear before leaving Brest to La Coruña

The stopover in Brest was marked by exceptionally fine weather and by the welcome given to participants at the Océanopolis Centre, which is dedicated to the presentation of the oceans and marine ecosystems.

The sailors were able to immerse themselves in those environments, which perhaps they might discover on their own boats in their future nautical adventures, whether tropical lagoons or arctic and antarctic shores.

The guided tour arranged especially by one of the founders of the centre was an occasion to learn a little more about this wonderful marine world.

A conference was organised in the afternoon on the theme of how navigators can contribute to scientific research, with the participation of personnel from
– Météo France,
IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea)
– and SHOM (French Navy hydrographic and oceanographic service)

as well as those navigators who are already involved :

– The ocean racer Bernard Stamm,
– Frédéric Dahirel, founder of the EnergyObserver project,
– Michel Huchet of Voiles Sans Frontières,
– as well as Cornell Sailing represented by Pascal Guiraudou and the European Odyssey sailors.

The presentations showed many ways in which there can be collaboration between scientists and sailors, both professional and amateur.

A big thankyou to the town of Brest and to Océanopolis for organising this splendid day as well as to Martin Kramp of JCOMMOPS who got everyone together.

Shortly the boats will be leaving for their next destination La Coruña in Spain where other enriching experiences wait for them.

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