Three more Atlantic Odyssey boats arrive in Barbados

The light winds that have slowed down Atlantic Odyssey boats on their way to Barbados have finally kicked in with strong trade winds blowing now right across the tropical North Atlantic.

Three boats arrived at first light today, 9 December, first the Italian Venus, next the Canadian Element and finally the Franco-American Sacre Bleu.

Venus arrival

Venus crew

Arrival Element

Element crew

What’s left of Element’s spinnaker

Arrival Sacre Bleu

Docking Sacre Bleu

Sacre Bleu crew

The yachts Enjoy and Bonaire are expected on 10 December, with the rest of the 16 boats spread out almost all the way to the Cape Verdes.

The Atlantic Odyssey is sponsored by Barbados Tourism Marketing and Tenerife Port Authority.

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