Atlantic Odyssey: arrivals day 4

With perfect symmetry with one arrival on day 1, two on day 2 and three of day 3, day 4 saw four Atlantic Odyssey arrivals: Belgian Sta Vast, Swiss Richard Parker, New Zealander Silver Lining and Norwegian Careka.

Although part of the Atlantic Odyssey, all boats also fly the Barbados 50 flag, and are hosted in Barbados as part of that special event marking the 50th anniversary of Barbados Independence.

Clearing immigration

Clearance formalities are completed on arrival with quarantine, customs and immigration officials being on station at the new facility.

Sta Vast, the first arrival of the day

A warm welcome from other participants to crew of Sta Vast

Crew of Sta Vast

Next arrival: Richard Parker

Crew of Richard Parker

Arrival Silver Lining

Crew of Silver Lining

Careka arrival

Careka, the last arrival of the day, makes her way into the harbour past some fast catamarans going out for a day of sailing with guests on board.

Geir Ove & Birgit Bø with their three daughters

Crew of Careka happy to be on terra ferma after 22 days at sea

Three more boats are expected tomorrow, Monday: Starship, Touch of Grey and Zoe.

The Atlantic Odyssey is sponsored by Barbados Tourism Marketing and Tenerife Port Authority.

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