Odyssey Logs

Drina on the move again

After having completed a transit of the Northwest Passage in summer 2014 , Michael Thurston spent the winter on his own, aboard his faithful yacht Drina at Dutch Harbor, in the Aleutian Islands.

He sent us this report today:

Left Dutch Harbor 8 days ago, very stormy weather so far, making for Fanning in the Line Islands, but may stop in Hawaii to get my sails repaired.”

Michael was the only Blue Planet Odyssey participant to successfully overcome the notorious challenge of the Northwest Passage, and he seems keen to join up somewhere with the main fleet.

I would certainly like to meet the other BPO boats, and also see you as you cross the Pacific. I saw your itinerary and we could arrange to meet in the Northern Cooks. “

He is also planning to join Aventura and the other Blue Planet Odyssey to some of the other South Pacific destinations:

I wouldn’t mind going again to Tokelau. I did call there 5 years ago and the anchorage was lousy, only one buoy off the main settlement, so I tied to it. Only my crew went ashore for the day as I stayed to keep anchor watch.

On the way to the Cooks I plan to call Canton in the Phoenix group, good harbour there and nice folks. Been there twice myself…. Looking forward to seeing you soon again.”

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