Odyssey Logs

Day 5 of the Atlantic Odyssey


Sorry no update yesterday–it was too rough. 

We have changed course to 190 T to try and get to the trades faster as we are getting tired of rocking and rolling.  Had fourteen vessels checkin on the SSB net today–everyone is OK. 

We want to rename the Atlantic Odyssey Rally to the West wind washing machine rally.  Is that OK?  Gotta go as we are getting more from the west right now. 


Gordon & Sherry Cornett



The sea is intense.
We’ve had near gale/gale for around 12 hours straight (on the nose, of course), and we’re all out of sleep and appetite. I’m not sure if I’ve been on seas this intense before, but certainly not without an escape plan. The boat rises and falls, meters up and meters down, slamming, shaking, losing all speed…I’m glad we have a robust boat. We’re finishing through our second low pressure, and forecasts promise a better tomorrow.
Everything is fine, though, no worries, mum!

It’s strange to feel so used up, not having any way of taking a break or a nap or even go to the restroom without falling. I can no longer imagine the feeling of sitting by a table, drinking tea in silence. Nothing moving, no boats to worry about, escapes everywhere. What does it feel like to not work on your balance?

Anyway, we’re thrilled to hear that our local soccer team won the last match!
Enjoying what we can, haha.

Ellie out.

Mistero Blu

We are ready to restart our crossing. Yesterday big storms and strong f8 sw wind. Today the swell is 4,5 direction Nord and wind again south west f5, decreasing progressively and rotating nw night long and tomorrow. so Mistero Blu will leave Gran Canaria on Saturday morning 8.00 AM. direction Martinique.

Actually we are covered for SSB connection which is poor and disturbed. We will connect tomorrow at 12.00 UTC during the SSB net.

Mistero Blu team

Gazel Rebel

French Veiller au grain…
Nuit dernière sur le qui – vive : cartouche annoncée… Et qui arrive vers 4 heures. 36 noeuds de la pluie et une mer très agitée et bien compliquée. On fuit sous petite tenue : notre génois ressemble quasiment à un string…
Depuis ce matin on assiste à la fin de la dépression. Nuages et pluie le vent

Damien Chambolle

Papy Jovial

French Depuis hier nous sommes pas mal secoués dans une mer formée et du vent de 24 à 35 noeuds.
Nous attendons patiemment une amélioration des conditions A bientôt au Marin

Hapa Na Sasa

German Tweets:
– nach eine fetten Front gestern und einer sehr kraeftezehrenden Nacht war der Bonito die Belohnung 😉

– Heute einen wunder schoenen 70cm Bonito (Tunfischart) gefangen, die Steaks passten gerade so in die Pfanne.

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