Aventura IV’s Logs


The Canadian Ice Service published on 1 August the ice forecast for the
next month. Although in general terms conditions in Arctic Canada are
described as normal for this time of year, a transit through the
Northwest Passage may only become possible sometime later than in other
years. Therefore, the only solution is to wait until the ice situation
becomes more favourable for a continuation of our voyage. We are well
provisioned with fuel and food, as well as plenty of books and DVDs, and
are anchored in the well-sheltered Dundas Harbour, in Lancaster Sound.

We had a foretaste of being encumbered by ice a few days ago when we
attempted to reach Arctic Bay, an Inuit settlement about 100 miles south
of here. Soon after we had entered Admiralty Inlet that leads to Arctic
Bay, we were quickly surrounded by ice. We gave up and turned around,
but progress was occasionally impossible and it took us several hours to
reach open water. The photo above should give you an idea of what we had
to go through. We are happy to be in this protected bay … and wait.
Patience is the password in these high latitudes.

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