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Atlantic Odyssey detour to the Arctic

A sleek green ketch flying the Australian flag made its way slowly into
Dundas Harbour and dropped anchor close to us. Standing out on its
lifelines was a white banner with a large number 16 and the logo of the
Atlantic Odyssey. Stepping back from the wheel, the helmsman waved at
us with a wide grin on his face.

“Mike” I called across, “welcome to the Arctic! Long time no see, and
long way from Martinique too.”

“Indeed, but why take the Panama Canal to the Pacific when the Northwest
Passage would do just as well.”


The first time we met was in Suva, Fiji, in 1978. Nine years later he
showed up in Las Palmas, and sailed in the ARC. Ever since then Michael
Thurston has been roaming the world on his 48 foot Drina. The last time
we met was at the finish of last year’s Atlantic Odyssey in Martinique.
He had quizzed me about my own sailing plans, but I wasn’t really
expecting to meet him here. Then I realized that showing up here in the
Northwest Passage shouldn’t have been surprised me. It is, after all,
so…. Mike Thurston.

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