Aventura IV’s Logs

Logs from Aventura IV, Jimmy Cornell’s fourth yacht, which attempted the Northwest Passage twice, succeeding in 2015.

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Aventura IV in Yachting World

Excellent report in Yachting World magazine written by the editor David Glenn: Exploration 45: Jimmy’s dream cruiser (PDF) (Yachting World – October 2013) …

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Aventura IV – Fast progress!

We have a lot of new photos of Aventura IV, taken at the Garcia Yachting boatyard in Normandy …

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Aventura IV is taking shape

By tradition, a ship is born when its keel is laid and, in the case, of Aventura IV this took place earlier this week at the Garcia boatyard in Condé-sur-Noireau, a small village in Central Normandy. This unusual location for a boatyard, some 30 miles from the sea, is due to a decision taken by the two Garcia brothers some 40 years ago …

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Aventura IV – A boat for all seasons

A long time has passed since my last report on the progress of my new boat and I apologize for the long wait. The reason for the delay is that I felt that there was little to be added to what I had already said before all the design features had been decided and finalized. That stage has now been reached and work on the boat has started. …

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Aventura IV, c'est parti!

In preparation for a transit of the Northwest Passage, as part of the Blue Planet Odyssey, in the summer of 2014, the French boatbuilder Garcia Yachting started building my new boat last week. “Building this yacht for Jimmy Cornell is like a dream come true,” says Stephan Constance, chairman of Grand Large Yachting. “It’s like …

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Aventura IV: An unpainted tin can for all seasons

The first report on the plans for my new boat has generated much interest, and I had several questions. I’ll deal with the most frequently asked ones first. Why aluminium? The first Aventura was a strong well built GRP boat which survived a three hour grounding on a reef on the Caicos Bank …

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Aventura IV

For much of my sailing life I have been trying to find out if there was such a thing as an ideal cruising boat. With this in mind, I conducted several surveys among …

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Jimmy Cornell building a new Aventura to sail in Blue Planet Odyssey

Participants in all Jimmy’s previous round the world events ended up as a large family with strong bonds being forged while being part of a joint adventure. ‘I feel that the same will happen in this Odyssey,’ says Jimmy, ‘and I want to be the first to be regarded as part of that family. …

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