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One of the smallest of the Canary Islands, La Gomera has earned a unique place in Atlantic history as San Sebastian was the port from which Christopher Colombus set sail on 6 September 1492 en route to the New World.

Garajonay  Park

Garajonay Park

Sailors can visit the church where Colombus is reputed to have said a last mass before setting westward on his historic voyage, an event which was commemorated 500 years later by the America 500 sailing rally organised by Jimmy Cornell.

Located in the western part of the archipelago, the island forms part of the province of Santa Cruz and has remained one of the less developed islands in the Canaries.

The island’s interior remained inaccessible for many years with its thick forested valleys, today designated as a Garajonay National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Located on the sheltered east coast, San Sebastian hosts a marina, Marina La Gomera, with the usual range of facilities for visiting yachts including some repair services.


The town is within walking distance and its small and friendly atmosphere will make a welcome change from the larger cities of the Canary Islands.

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