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The favourite landfall to crown a successful crossing of the Bay of Biscay, La Coruña is usually described as one long sea front, as indeed the extensive beach dominates this ancient Galician city. In contrast to its old quarters, the new National Museum of Science and Technology is a masterpiece of modern architecture, and a bold homage to Spain’s technological heritage.

The entrance into the port is guarded by the Tower of Hercules, built by the Romans in the first century AD and the only lighthouse of antiquity still in operation today. Nearby is Marina Coruña, a convenient base for exploring this vibrant city as well as its attractive surroundings.

The painter Pablo Picasso studied art here in the late 19th century and his early work was first exhibited in 1895, when he was only thirteen years old. A guided tour that follows the Picasso trail will be provided by the local tourism office as well as other tours to the city’s attractions.

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