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El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands, located at the far southwest of the archipelago – the westernmost point of Europe.


Orchillas lighthouse – until Columbus this was the end of the known world

The Punta Orchilla lighthouse on the island’s most westerly point was once regarded as the end of the known world and location of the zero meridian until 1885.

A lack of beaches has seen less tourist development here, although the island boasts the same varied features of the typical Canarian landscape from the rugged west coast to the lush garden valleys and volcanic wastelands of the interior, and in 2000 El Hierro was designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.

El Hierro came to the world’s attention when it announced plans to become the first island solely powered by renewable energy. In 2015 the project was inaugurated with an innovative hybrid wind/hydro system where surplus wind power is stored by pumping water to fill the crater of an extinct volcano. As needed, the water can be released to generate electricity.

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Puerto de la Estaca:

The main port of the island is located on the north eastern corner a few miles from the inland capital Valverde. A breakwater has created a protected inner harbour although there are no pontoons, yachts may have to anchor if there is insufficient space to come alongside the harbour wall.

There are some facilities but more limited than on the other islands.

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