Northwest Passage: The good times seem to be over

We have just been informed that from now on transits of the Northwest Passage will be much more difficult.

Sailing past Cuming glacier

Because of the irresponsible behaviour of a sailor who transited the Northwest Passage in 2017 on a small racing catamaran entirely unsuited for Arctic conditions, the Canadian Government plans to impose drastic measures for anyone planning to transit this challenging waterway in future.

Among the new regulations, there will be compulsory registration of any vessel planning a transit, a thorough technical and safety survey, and specific insurance requirements.

My latest book 200,000 Miles: A Life of Adventure, describing my own transit of the Northwest Passage, is now for sale on and Here is a selection of photos of my voyage.

60+ knot storm in Dundas Harbour

Sailing past the Alaskan coast lit up by the midnight sun

Dodging icebergs in Disko Bay, Greenland

No way through

Pushing a large block ice out of our way to reach a free lead

No way to go

Trapped in ice

Our route is barred again

Searching for a lead

Looking for a lead

No place to hide

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