Report from the Annapolis boat show

The largest US boat show has come to a successful end, and even the threat of hurricane Nate only materialised on the very last day of the show with a few hours of heavy rain.

While promotion of my latest book “200,00 Miles” was the main reason for my presence at the show, it was also a good opportunity to meet old friends or participants in previous events who dropped by my temporary base on the Seven Seas Cruising Association stand.

Among the first to call was my old friend Istvan Kopar, a veteran of our sailing events, who had sailed in America 500 Columbus anniversary rally in 1992, ARC 1995 and the Hong Kong Challenge round the world race in 1996-1995, which he won as captain of the yacht MOL Hungaria. He is now preparing for the Golden Globe Challenge singlehanded round the world race starting in 2018.

Annapolis was also the venue for a happy reunion for a number of participants in Barbados 50, a transatlantic rally held in 2016 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Barbados independence.

Many participants have continued to sail together after the finish of the event, among them the crews of Asante, Aura, Kerpa, Lady Rebel, Tourterelle, and White Ibis, shown here celebrating the warm sense of camaraderie, a hallmark of Cornell Sailing Events.

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