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Aventura on her way north

After spending the best part of the winter in a small marina close to Bergen on the west coast of Norway, Aventura is now heading for the Arctic.

Her sale was completed last week and the new owner, Oystein Storslett, and his crew are sailing her to their base at Tromso in the north of Norway.

Oystein’s company Arctic Explorers has been running a successful operation in recent years and the purchase of Aventura will allow them to expand their range by offering charter voyages to Spitsbergen (Svalbard) starting in late June.

The actual handover of Aventura was done in January, when we had to use a hairdryer to defrost the various lines.

Selling every one of my previous boats had been a painful experience but none as painful as that of Aventura IV. With no plans for any more long voyages, this has been a logical decision and I am relieved that she will continue doing what she had been conceived for.

May Mother Nature look after my Aventura and all who sail in her just as she has done for me in all my sailing years.

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