Final arrivals in the Caribbean Odyssey

Consistent trade winds have ensured fast passages for all boats taking part in this year’s Caribbean Odyssey.

Four boats: J-Squared, Two Drifters, Bright Eyes and Damisa made landfall in Barbados on 31 January and 1 February after a 22-day passage from Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

The crew of J-Squared

The crew of Two Drifters

Arrival Bright Eyes

The crew of Damisa

The last two boats to arrive on 2 February, Paluar and Amjad, had made a two day stop at Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands, and still managed to record a fast passage of a total of 23 days.

Arrival Paluar

The crew of Paluar

Arrival Amjad

Docking Amjad with the help of some friends

The crew of Amjad

The final act of the Caribbean Odyssey will be a farewell party on Saturday night, of which we shall report on Sunday.

The Caribbean Odyssey is sponsored by Barbados Tourism Marketing and Tenerife Port Authority.

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