Barbados 50 Yachts Helping Kids in Cape Verdes

The sailors from the Barbados 50 rally had been asked to help bring much needed supplies for the SOS Children’s Village in Mindelo. SOS Children’s Villages are a non-governmental organisation that works around the world, offering children foster homes and families, and supporting young people and families in local communities.

The boats were asked to provide essential supplies including, bedding, towels, shoes and clothing, school supplies and educational games. Before leaving Tenerife a big shopping expedition was made in order to get what was needed.

Luc Callebaut, who is looking after the boats during their Cape Verdes stay, writes “The ambassadors of SOS Children visited the Barbados 50 fleet in Mindelo. The kids enjoyed visiting the cruisers on their boats. Lots of gifts bags were given to the ambassadors. After a nice party with drinks and home made cakes, organized by Kelly and Mia of Jiyu, with other cruisers, everyone was happy!”

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