Smooth start to Barbados 50 office in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote the check-in and inspections of the Barbados 50 boats are proceeding smoothly with only a few more boats still left to arrive.

In the meantime the crews are busy doing various jobs and taking advantage of the facilities of the marina yard.

Isabel of Cornell Sailing checks in SAMEERA

Ian and Anne Clarke of TOURTERELLE check in

Marina Lanzarote

Jimmy Cornell chats to Pit Warnecke during inspection of KARINA

Proudly flying the Barbados 50 flags

TOURTERELLE hauled out in Marina Lanzarote boatyard to service centreboard


Barbados 50 is sponsored by Barbados Tourism Marketing, Tenerife Port Authority, Promotur Turismo Canarias, the Patronato de Turismo de Lanzarote and the European Sports Destination.

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  •  Port Authority of Tenerife website
  •  Promotur Turismo Canarias website
  •  Patronato de Turismo de Lanzarote website

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